This is how
the finest bresaola
is made_

Spearheading of Lazzeri production is the bresaola: Valtellina and the bresaola together constitute an inseparable pairing: it is only in this region that it has the possibility to gain the IGP brand.

The Bresaola IGP Lazzeri from Valtellina comes from free-ranging bovines and the choice of the best parts of the beef leg.

The meat, carefully trimmed, is salted dry and massaged and then ripened in the Valtellina dry climate: this excellent meat is ready to be served daily. A delicacy to whom we can add the Speck and the Valtellina Fiocco ham.

Artfully trimmed
fine Cuts _

A rigorous qualitative selection of the best meats is accompanied by meticulous processing methods

laurel and a
Little salt_

Seasoning with a dry rub of salt and spices is what gives bresaola its unique taste

in high
Alpine terrain_

The dry climate of the Alta Valtellina weathers the meat nicely for a perfect maturing

And here's to
you the one and only Bresaola
of Valtellina_

Pure excellence comes to life from a unique combination of knowledge, tradition and environment

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